Being an early adopter means accepting the inevitable bugs and issues that accompany the experience. For those that jumped on the Android Q Developer Previews, that meant a whole pile of app issues and incompatibilities as developers worked out the kinks associated with the updated platform. But Pokémon Go users can breathe a sigh of relief, as the latest update of the augmented reality game works with Android Q.

Pokémon Go running on a Pixel 3 XL running Android Q DP5.

We were tipped off about the update in the last few hours, and can confirm that the update rolling out today (v0.151) actually works on Android Q. Previous versions of the game would take you as far as a loading screen, but would fail to actually enter the game on Android Q.

Pokémon Go and its developer, Niantic, are well known for raising additional barriers and protections ostensibly meant to prevent cheating, but which cast a wide net that at times prevents those who root, ROM, or modify their devices from playing. Previously, the game's root and device modification detection methods have bordered on ridiculous. Between the beta nature of the developer previews and Niantic's overall software philosophy, it isn't surprising that the game didn't previously work on Android Q. With only one more Android Q Developer Preview left before the final release (expected in the next two months) Niantic appears to have finally relented.

The update which we've tested as delivering Android Q compatibility (v0.151) is rolling out now at the Play Store. If you don't see it on your device and you'd like to install it early, you can also download it over at APK Mirror.

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