Whether your a fan of mobile games or not, it would appear that the next official Mega Man X game is going to be a mobile release. It's called Mega Man X DiVE, and Capcom has officially announced that a closed beta test will take place on August 23rd for Android users. If you'd like to participate in this beta, you can sign up on the official Mega Man X DiVE website.

Gameplay trailer from Rockman Corner

Above you can watch a short video for Mega Man X DiVE that was recently dug up by Rockman Corner, a Mega Man enthusiast website. This particular gameplay video shows off an optional auto-lock mechanic that should allow for easy touchscreen controls, though manual input also appears to be present, which is displayed towards the end of the video. There's also an official trailer available on Capcom's Mega Man X DiVE website that shows both Mega Man X and Mega Man Zero as playable characters. Apparently, Mega Man X DiVE will serve as a greatest-hits of sorts, with plenty of familiar stages and characters in tow.

We still don't know how Mega Man X DiVE will be monetized or when the official release will happen, but if you'd like to take an early look, you'll want to register for closed-beta access on the official website before August 22nd. Participants will be randomly selected, and there are only 30,000 slots available, so make sure to register soon. My guess is that the title will land on the Play Store as a free-to-play release chock full of in-app purchases, though I'd love for Capcom to surprise us all with a premium release, but somehow I doubt that will happen.

Press Release

Mega Man X DiVE Global Version to Recruit Closed Beta Test Gamers!

[2019/08/05 News】Also, Capcom Taiwan provides at most 5 members for taking part in CBT for each media. Please email Capcom Taiwan with your gmail list if you are willing to join CBT before Aug. 9. Thank you!

Mega Man X DiVE has galvanized the unprecedented international response from rockman's fans after the announcement by CAPCOM. The limited Android CBT for《Mega Man X DiVE》 will be opening soon: Players only need to sign up with their Google Play's gmail account on the 《Mega Man X DiVE》 official site to join this event. In the meantime, 《Mega Man X DiVE》 FB fanpage holds "Memory from Deep Log" for Mega man fans, by posting the Mega Man series collections and get 5 Likes, fans will have the chance to win the slot for CBT event, please join FB fanpage right now for details.

Only for 30,000 Gamers Over the World!

In order to bring better gaming experience, 《Mega Man X DiVE》 will start its global CBT for 30,000 gamers at the end of August. This is the first time 《Mega Man X DiVE》 open for testing.

Please head to “Global CBT” event site and sign up with Google Play's Gmail account before Aug. 22th at 12:00 (GMT+8) to get the chances for joining CBT. Participants will be randomly selected, and they can look up from result event site mentioned after Aug. 23th at 12:00 (GMT+8). Participants who get the chance to join CBT can log into 《Mega Man X DiVE》 from 18:00 (GMT+8) to 6:00 (GMT+8) during the event period at the end of August. Please follow up 《Mega Man X DiVE》 FB fanpage for the APP downloading time.

The development team will start to process issues right after the CBT, CAPCOM claims that it's difficult to avoid bugs during CBT and promised to fix them by launch, the purpose of CBT is trying to locate the issues and providing better user experience after the official launch. The CBT will be limited to Android only and those participants’ gaming data will all be deleted after the CBT.

Get Back to the Past! Show Your Mega Man Collections!
There have been many popular Mega Man series products such as figures, clothes and stickers, no matter what kind of Mega Man collections you own, join the event “Memory from Deep Log” on 《Mega Man X DiVE》 FB fanpage from 12:00(GMT+8) Aug. 5th to 12:00(GMT+8) Aug. 18th 12:00. Winning 5 Likes will qualify you to join the CBT event. Please follow up 《Mega Man X DiVE》 FB fanpage for latest news and make friends with all the Mega Man lovers over the world!

《ROCKMAN X DiVE》CBT Recruit:http://event.capcom.com.tw/rxd/cbt_dive/
《ROCKMAN X DiVE》Official Website:http://rxd.capcom.com.tw
《ROCKMAN X DiVE》FB Fanpage:https://www.facebook.com/CAPCOM.RXD
《CAPCOM TW》 Official Twitter:https://twitter.com/CapcomTaiwan