We're in the endgame now... for Android Q. The fifth beta release came out last month, but Google wanted to squeeze in one last update before the finished product. Android Q Beta 6 is now rolling out to Pixels in the beta OTA program, and flashable images should be available shortly.

There's nothing too exciting in this release, at least on the surface. Beta 6 is the final template for Android Q, and Google says there won't be any further changes to features, behaviors, or APIs. If there's something you don't like about Beta 6 (that isn't a bug), I regret to inform you that it won't be changed with the final release.

The one documented change is, of course, yet another update to gesture navigation. Like a high school student still working a book report until 3AM on the day it's due, Google is continuing to make tweaks to Android Q's gesture navigation until the last possible minute.

"To ensure reliable and consistent operation," the company wrote in a blog post, "there's a 200dp vertical app exclusion limit for the Back gesture." That sounds like the top of the screen can't be used to activate the Back gesture, perhaps to maintain compatibility with apps using hamburger side menus and other similar elements, but we can't be sure until we give the beta a spin on our own devices. This change allows apps to disable navigation gestures that start from each edge, or from the sides. See the below tweet for a visual representation.

Google has also added a sensitivity preference setting for the Back gesture. This was previously rumored to appear in Beta 5, but ended up being delayed to this release. No time like the present!

If you're already enrolled in the beta OTA program on your Pixel, keep an eye out for the update notification. If you're on a non-Pixel device, you'll have to wait for your phone's manufacturer to push it.

Based on reports, the OTA has started rolling out via the traditional channels, though there may be a delay for some device/carrier combinations. (My Pixel 3a on Project Fi doesn't see it just yet, though other devices here at Android Police do.)

If you are impatient, image downloads have also been posted, though keep in mind that unlocking your bootloader and flashing the images manually will result in a loss of future OTAs, including the final release.

Punctual as always, Essential is now rolling out Beta 6 to the Essential Phone.