It's been nearly three months since ASUS announced its latest flagship, the Zenfone 6, with its quirky flip-up camera that springs up and becomes a front-facing cam. In the months since, the device has shipped to many countries around the world, received several updates, and gotten some positive community support, but it hasn't yet launched in the US. Things are looking out though, as the Zenfone 6 is now finally available for pre-order on B&H.

After not one, not two, but three false dates, the Zenfone 6 is now truly up for pre-order. Only B&H seems to have the device — I can't find it on Amazon, ASUS's own store, or Best Buy — and although you can order the phone now, the shipping date isn't specified so you may have to wait a little to get it. You can choose between black and silver colors and 64GB or 128GB variants. The former costs $499.99 and the latter $549.99. All models are unlocked and come with a free 3-month Mint Mobile prepaid SIM card.

Other specs include a 6.4" FHD+ display, Snapdragon 855, 6GB of RAM, a 5,000mAH battery, the 48MP and 13MP ultra-wide lenses that flip up, and Android 9 Pie. If you need to know more about the Zenfone 6 and see if it's worth buying, you can read our own review.

The U.S model is now available from Amazon third-party seller 'Mobile Advance,' though you still get the full factory warranty, and the product listing says it will begin shipping in approximately two days. You can also now buy it from ASUS' online store. All the links can be found below.

The ASUS online store now has additional US Zenfone 6 variants available with more RAM and storage options:

At the same time, has also added the highest specced model, sold by the Mobile Advance as before.