The OnePlus 7 Pro is the new hotness, but the 6T is still an excellent phone as long as you don't take lots of pictures. Now you can grab the phone for under $500, and if you're a student, the discount could be steeper.

The 8GB RAM/128GB storage variant of the OnePlus 6T is now $499 from OnePlus' online store, a discount of $50 from the previous price. We were hoping there might be a permanent price drop, but hey, this is better than nothing. OnePlus is also throwing in a pair of Type-C 'Bullet' earbuds and a Sandstone case.

Students can also get 0% interest financing, if they don't want to drop $500 all at once, and are eligible for an additional 10% off for accessories and 5% for devices potentially dropping the price of a 6T to $475. If you have a bit more money, the OnePlus 7 Pro isn't on sale, but OnePlus is throwing in the same case and earbuds with every purchase.