For a long time in the phone industry, it's always seemed like two cameras (or more) were better than one. When it comes to doorbell cameras, perhaps it should be the case as well. A few months ago, ODM Kuna announced that it had launched a reference design for a dual-camera doorbell and that it would go commercial in the spring. Well, it's quite late at this point, but Kuna brand Maximus has finally brought its Answer video doorbell to market.

Answer has its primary 1080p HDR sensor pointed toward the street to monitor visitors and general outside activity with a 180° field of view and infrared night vision. The other HD-resolution camera is pointed downwards to catch any packages landing at the doorstep or pets moving in and out. While you could probably make do tracking deliveries to your stoop via recorded clips and app notifications, the extra camera does offer that additional peace of mind, which is what Maximus is hoping to bank on.

Audio-wise, the speaker is able to go as loud as 110dB and has microphones for two-way talk as well as the ability to play out custom-recorded messages. The whole kit and kaboodle is touted to be weather-resistant and less power-hungry than competing video doorbells.

Answer records clips of at least 10 seconds when it detects motion (up to 30 feet away) and is able to make distinctions between people and vehicles. Clips from the last 2 hours are stored for free — more storage and AI-powered features are available with premium options. There's dual-band Wi-Fi connectivity, too. You can share the Answer camera's views and dial 911 right within the Kuna companion app through Alexa and Google Assistant.

The Maximus Answer dual-camera doorbell is available direct from the company for $199 starting today.

Kuna Home Security
Kuna Home Security
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