A month ahead of the event, LG has just pushed out a teaser video, telling folks to "save the date" on Friday, September 6th during IFA. In the video, LG shows off what looks like a folding, dual-screen device, though it's probably another dual-screen case for an upcoming phone, similar to the one made for the V50 ThinQ 5G. Given the timing and the dual-screen connection, LG is probably going to show off the V60 (ThinQ?) at IFA.

The video doesn't show any specifics, everything it presents is thoroughly abstracted, but it does fit with the previous dual-screen case we saw at MWC (that you can't buy in the US). You can't necessarily trust the proportions depicted, but it looks like LG might have improved on the bezels this time around. Back then, we found the cumulative package to be a bit bulky, and battery life was a question.

Given the dual-display case was previously tied to LG's V50, and LG is teasing a dual display gadget for IFA, that September 6th date might indicate we'll be seeing a V60 revealed around then. It has been a bit over a year since the V50 landed, so the timing would be appropriate.

A pre-IFA leak suggests that LG may be about to introduce a handset dubbed the V50s. Even if we're not quite moving into V60 territory just yet, this still feels like the device the manufacturer may have been referring to with its latest dual-screen teaser.