Google unveiled its long-rumored game streaming service earlier this year, and early adopters will get to dive in come November. We know the basics like how much Stadia will cost and which devices it'll support, but there are still some unknowns. Perhaps Google will address them at the upcoming Stadia Connect—it's happening on August 19th at 10AM PDT.

The event will happen at the Gamescom tradeshow, but there will be a live stream for everyone else. For those at Gamescom, Google will also have Stadia hand-on opportunities. Past events have given us pricing, the launch date, and two tiers of service. Google also listed a few of the supported games.

So, we've got all the basics, but Google has yet to show what Stadia looks like. How will you launch games or manage your library? How about the tie-in with publisher subscriptions like Uplay+? What about a phone mount for the controller? Please, Google.

Do you want to know more? There's already a live stream URL up and running (above), so check back in 12 days.