With one of the first posts I wrote here at AP, I lamented the erratic and broken system of reminders that permeates several different Google products. In the two and a half years since, even with the relaunch of the Google Tasks app, very few of the problems I pointed out have been remedied in any meaningful way. Recently, however, one of my biggest bugbears appears to have finally been addressed.

At some point in the last few weeks, reminders set using the Google Assistant have gained individually actionable notifications on Android. Previously, you could have any number of Assistant reminders sitting in a single notification on your phone and you couldn't interact with any of them other than to dismiss the entire card. They're now separated out so that you can dismiss them individually — each one has actions to snooze for one hour or mark as finished built into the notification, or you can simply leave it in your tray so you'll remember to do it in a little while.

This is especially good news since using the Assistant is by far the easiest and most convenient way to add reminders. It's also the most versatile since you can ask a Google Home device, ask your phone with your voice or by typing, and you can even go to a Chrome browser that you're signed into and search "add reminder" before inputting your request.

If you tap on any reminder, the list screen you're taken to has also been given slight a makeover. It now shows checkboxes for each entry and a label for those that are overdue. If you choose to edit one, you'll be taken to the Assistant which will ask you what you'd like to change. This doesn't seem to be possible for reminders that have already been completed, but more granular controls for editing even ongoing/recurring reminders are still most welcome.

It's not clear exactly when these changes came into effect, or if this is just a test being seen by a limited number of users at present. It can't hurt to have the latest version of the Google app either way — install it from the Play Store of download it from APK Mirror. It's also worth signing up for the Beta if you haven't done so already, since that's the version I've noticed these changes on.

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