Over the weekend, OnePlus appears to have silently (accidentally?) rolled out its next Android Q Developer Preview for the OnePlus 7 Pro. Among the included features are new "super macro" and focus tracking settings for the camera, Digital Wellbeing, configurable Zen Mode duration, and new options for gesture navigation. Although the previous Developer Preview 3 landed for the OnePlus 7, 7 Pro, 6, and 6T all at once, for now only the 7 Pro appears to have Developer Preview 4 early.

Although OnePlus hasn't published an official announcement for Developer Preview 4, a few folks in the OnePlus 7 Pro forums have reported receiving the update as an OTA or seeing the option to download via Oxygen Updater. A full image can also be manually downloaded here, and both OnePlus 7 Pro owners in the official DP3 thread on OnePlus' forums and our friends at XDA Developers were able to flash it to their devices.

Changes noticed in DP4 on the OnePlus 7 Pro so far are:

  • The Android Auto app has disappeared.
  • OnePlus' Camera app picks up Focus Tracking and new "super macro" mode.
  • Zen Mode picks up longer duration settings (now 20, 30, 40, and 60 minutes).
  • Digital Wellbeing is present in Settings.
  • Navigation tweaks: "hidden bar" setting for gesture navigation, 2-button mode navigation is gone.
  • The Battery indicator has moved to the left in Quick Settings.

The actual changelog is non-verbose, merely stating that this latest version has "System functions [sic] improvements" together with a pile of known issues, equally as generic, noting "application compatibility problems," possible stability and lag issues, that "Google Pay can't work" and that the fingerprint "will be cleared" and must be set manually.

Some of the features spotted in OnePlus' Android Q DP4 can also be brought to the OnePlus 7 Pro (and likely other OnePlus phones) by sideloading the apps distributed with the update. While Focus Tracking didn't work for us, the new super macro mode and Zen Mode duration settings both appeared on a OnePlus 7 Pro running Android 9 Pie by sideloading the DP4 versions of the related apps from APK Mirror, our sister site:

Other apps from DP4 are also available for the curious — most stuff from August 3rd and 4th listed here appears to be from this latest update — though not all of them may be compatible with older versions of Android or other OnePlus phones. (Odds are most of those apps also don't have much in the way of new features, though, if they haven't been spotted by now.)

Though the OnePlus 7 Pro seems to have snagged this update a bit early, in what is becoming a trend for the company, it should probably be rolling out in an official capacity for more devices in the coming days.

Developer Preview 4 is official, also here for OnePlus 7

Developer Preview 4 is now official for the OnePlus 7 Pro, and the OnePlus 7. A more verbose changelog has also been published that describes some new avenues for upgrading and moving between builds, as well as more explicit issues:

New Changes:

  • System functions improvement
  • System stability improvement
  • For DP3 users, you can upgrade via online OTA
  • From DP4, you can upgrade system via OTA to Open Beta

Known Issues

  • Application compatibility problems
  • Low probability of system lag and stability issues
  • Google pay not working
  • The stored fingerprint will be reset, need to set it up again
  • DP1/DP2 users must wipe data before upgrade
  • Random artifacts on corners of the display at times
  • Crackling of audio at maximum volume on Oneplus 7

The OTA for DP4 is rolling out now to OnePlus 7 and 7 Pros running DP3, and downloads for both have also been posted:

Full instructions for how to move to (and from) developer previews if you're still running stable are also included in OnePlus' announcement today. Keep in mind that either direction involves a wipe of user data, and the builds aren't ready for general consumption just yet.