Closed captions are essential in certain situations, but when you don't need them, they're just an eyesore. A bug has been forcing some users to wrestle with such unwanted subtitles in Google Play Movies & TV, on both mobile and Android TV.

A Google Play Help forum post from a couple of weeks ago describes subtitles appearing over playback of every movie in a user's library, despite closed captions being turned off in the app's settings. Google support reminded the user that some movies and scenes have embedded captions that can't be removed — which obviously isn't the issue. A comment on the thread from another user early this morning shows that the issue is yet to be resolved. Several Play Store reviews also mention unwanted captions.

Captions can be turned off while a show or movie is playing, but they'll come back when playback is exited and resumed. Users have been experiencing the bug for at least a month, but there's currently no word on a fix. Hopefully Google is on it.

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