True wireless earbuds make listening to media while exercising a whole lot easier. Unfortunately, a good pair can get quite pricey, with the cheap earbuds usually failing to provide a stable Bluetooth connection between each other or the phone. The Soundcore Liberty Neo by Anker is a budget pair that bucks this trend, and it's currently marked down to $40 on Amazon.

In his review, Scott praises the unoffensive build and ergonomics of the earbuds and found the sound quality to exceed what can usually be had in this price bracket. The Bluetooth 5.0 radio was found to maintain a solid connection, and the IPX5 water resistance makes this a solid workout headset.

The lack of USB-C charging is a bit of a letdown, and the 3 hours of battery life are very average, but at forty bucks, they make a good rough use or spare pair to keep around. You can pick up the Anker Soundcore Liberty Neo from Amazon, where it's currently $20 off.