Earlier this week, Google pushed out a big new update for Android Auto, marking the first really substantial change since the in-dash software platform landed in cars all the way back in 2015. Between the standalone app and the fact that most car makers now support Android Auto in their high-end infotainment systems, odds are that many of you have at least tried it out over the last few years. Do you use Android Auto now?

Personally, I use the standalone Android Auto app when I pile into my car — which isn't too often, living in the city. I drive very infrequently, and my older but super low mileage car doesn't need replacing, so the app and a dongle for charging/audio serve my occasional needs. If you're like me and you use the app from your phone, you should keep in mind that it will eventually go the way of the dodo. It didn't get the snazzy new update, and someday soon it will be phased out in favor of an Assistant-based replacement.

What we're most curious to see is the ratio of app to in-dash users, since so many cars these days come with Auto built-in. If you've bought a car in the last few years with a big-screen infotainment system, odds are it works with Android Auto — though there are still a few notable holdouts among car manufacturers.

Back in 2015, plenty of you seemed interested in basing a future car purchase off of the inclusion or omission of Android Auto. Four years later, are you using Android Auto? For the purposes of this poll only apply your answer to your own car, even if you've used it in a rental or your buddy's vehicle.

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