A smart speaker in itself is convenient, but it becomes so much more useful when used in combination with intelligent plugs or lights. Their price can sometimes be discouraging, but thanks to this deal, you'll be able to set up your smart home infrastructure without breaking the bank. Best Buy is throwing in a TP-link smart plug for just $5 for the purchase of an Echo device, most of which are already discounted. An Echo Dot + TP-link smart plug combo comes down to just $27, while a regular Echo and smart socket bundle will cost you $55.

You have the choice of combining almost any Echo with the plug, and all of them but the Spot are discounted. The selection includes:

  • Second-generation Echo (Charcoal, Sandstone, Heather Gray) at $50 ($50 off)
  • Second-generation Echo (Walnut, Oak) at $70 ($50 off)
  • Third-generation Echo Dot (Charcoal, Sandstone, Heather Gray) at $22 ($28 off)
  • Echo Show 5 smart display (Charcoal, Sandstone) at $50 ($40 off)
  • Echo Spot at $130 (no discount)

The plug itself typically costs costs $23, but it's down to just $5 ($18 off) as part of the bundle.

To enjoy this offer, simply click the link below, tick the Echo device you want to purchase, and select the plug at the bottom of the page. The discounted price will be reflected on the next page.