Google has announced a handful of changes to Google Fit today. In addition to the formal announcement that the dark theme is now fully rolled out (though it started happening last month), Google Fit is picking up some snazzy new charts for sleep tracking integrations which returned to the app earlier this year.

Sleep chart for the week in the "Home" tab.

While you could pull in sleep data from third-party apps before, now that information can be presented visually in a way that helps you better understand your patterns and trends, so you can actually act on them if you desire improvement. Sleep history can also be edited or added manually if you think it was incorrectly entered.

Week, month, and year views of sleep data. 

Dark Mode has been present for some going back for the last month, though it was inconsistent. Some with the app saw an option in the application's settings menu that enabled/disabled the mode with a toggle, while others merely saw it working if they were using the system-wide dark mode from Android Q. Google tends to test out things this ahead of the actual announcement, and we are informed by a Google representative that this marks the formal rollout of the feature, toggle and all, to everyone.

Google is also announcing that a feature from the Android version of the app is coming to iOS — usually, that's the other way around. iPhone users will now be able to see the route they ran/walked/biked/exercised as tracked by wearable devices or other connected apps/services, together with a summary of the workout.

Google says it will be rolling out these features over the next week. So if you didn't get dark mode early, you should either have an update delivering it soon over on the Play Store.