Wireless charging is probably the most convenient way to charge your phone, albeit not the fastest. I'm personally a big fan because we can power up various compatible devices at home, without having to switch between Micro-USB, USB-C, and Lightning cables. Anker's wireless charging stand is among the best ones around, and it just dropped to $13, which is 35% off its original price.

Stands are usually more convenient than pads, as they allow you to continue using your device while it's charging. Anker's product even lets you place your handset horizontally so you can watch videos and fill up your phone at the same time. Thanks to its 10W output, it'll also charge your handset quickly, if the latter is compatible with such speeds.

The charger comes with a 3ft Micro-USB cable in the box, which is quite unfortunate if your phone has a USB-C port — I often plug the cable directly into my handset if I'm in a rush for faster charging. Lastly, you'll have to use your own AC adapter as there isn't one included in the box.

To enjoy the deal, you'll have to apply the on-page coupon before adding the item to your cart and enter promotional code AKA252401 while checking out. If you're a Prime member, you'll also get Free shipping, while other users will have to pay for it or order for more than $25 to avoid paying such fees.