Muse Games has announced the release of its beat 'em up rhythm game Hamsterdam on PC, consoles, and mobile. This is an indie game that was partially funded on Kickstarter, and it offers a clean design where you'll take on a gang of vermin through the use of kung fu in order to restore peace to Hamsterdam one district at a time.

If you check out the trailer above you'll get a quick glimpse of the game's hero Pimm as he pulls off a few kung fu moves. Like many Play Store listings, there's no gameplay in the video, because why bother showing people what to expect from the game. I suppose that's my job, but you'd think a developer would want people to know exactly what they are paying for.

Essentially Hamsterdam is a beat 'em up rhythm game where you'll furiously tap and swipe on the screen to attack your many enemies. As you advance, you'll unlock in-game currency that can be used to purchase customizations for Pimm. Since this is a rhythm game, there is a proper cadence to your attacks that allows you to execute rhythm-based combos. Personally, I'm not a fan of the touchscreen controls and would prefer a digital thumbstick and buttons since it can be difficult to swipe on the screen accurately. This setup makes for a lot of missed swipes, which can be detrimental to your success.

On a lighter note, Hamsterdam is indeed a premium release. This means you can pick it up today for $1.99 ($5 cheaper than the Steam version), and there are no advertisements or in-app purchases included. What you see is what you get, which is a rare occurrence on the Play Store. Bluetooth controllers are supported out of the box (tested with a Steelseries Stratus Duo), though I was unable to get a corded HID controller to work over USB, so your mileage may vary.

If you enjoy beat 'em ups or rhythm games, Hamsterdam is a solid offering, but it does suffer from a few touchscreen control quirks. Luckily bluetooth controllers are supported, though there is a lack of Shield TV support. All in all, Hamsterdam is an enjoyable beat 'em up with adorable graphics, intuitive gameplay, and a fair price, which makes it a buy in my book. While a demo would have been appreciated so that people could experience the game without going out of pocket, $1.99 isn't that much of a commitment for a lighthearted brawler.

Developer: Muse Games Corp.
Price: $1.99

Press Release

Hamster-fu beat ‘em up Hamsterdam launches today on Nintendo Switch, Mobile, & PC

Feel the wrath of a hamster scorned in the new game from the Guns of Icarus team

New York, August 1st 2019 - New York based developers Muse Games (Guns of Icarus, CreaVures, Embr) today announced that Hamsterdam, their hamster-fu beat ‘em up, launches today on Nintendo Switch, mobile, and PC, alongside an all-new launch trailer.

Play as the hamster hero Pimm and harness the mightiest martial arts powers. Kick tail through district after district on a heart-pounding journey to take down the Vermin Gang, save Grandpa, and restore peace to Hamsterdam.

Swing, flick, and strike your way through the streets of Hamsterdam. Experience the frantic action, flawlessly execute rhythm combos, and become one with the fabled Hamster-Fu.

Swing and flick your way to epic vermin beat downs

Unique brew of classic frenetic brawler, rhythm, and quick reactions

Master the ancient hamster martial art form; Hamster-Fu

Heart & fist-pounding boss showdowns. The skies rain bombs! Try dodging 1,483 of them

A chinchilla mob boss plus a gang of trash can wearing, tonic chugging vermin

Rescue Hamsterdammers and Grandpa. Lead the resistance to save Hamsterdam

From Couture to Streetwear - offering the finest hamster apparel for on-point beatdowns

Ride in style on the Ham-mobile: a two wheeled, chrome plated, pipe-grinding scooter

More info on the game can be found on the website, and assets can be downloaded here.