The frantic pace of updates for OnePlus' latest flagship continues. Following the previous hotfix which landed just a couple weeks back, the OnePlus 7 Pro is already getting another bump. OxygenOs 9.5.11 delivers a handful of tweaks to adaptive brightness and screen sensitivity/accidental touches, plus the latest security patches — and we mean the very latest. The phone just got August security patches in July.

The full changelog published by OnePlus with the update is just below:


  • Optimized Adaptive Brightness
  • Optimized the sensitiveness of the screen touch while gaming
  • Optimized the accidental touches with notification bar in calling
  • Updated GMS to 2019.06
  • Updated Android security patch to 2019.08
  • General bug fixes and improvements

Using the 7 Pro as my daily driver for much of the last several months, I have noticed anecdotal issues with adaptive brightness being occasionally inaccurate to ambient light conditions. Some improvements have been made in prior updates (I don't pull it from my pocket to see it so dim that it appears black during the day, or so bright that it is legitimately blinding at night anymore), but there's still room for improvement, and I hope this update makes a difference.

The 7 Pro had some touch input issues in the past which have since been resolved, but two particularly minor fixes for certain circumstances are also included in this update, with better sensitivity while gaming (presumably in one of the two gaming modes), and a reduction in accidental touches during calls. Core GMS (read: system Google apps and services) have also been updated, though odds are you were already running the latest versions of most apps via updates anyway.

The update is rolling out as we speak in its usual incremental fashion. If you don't see it on your device just yet, a VPN to a locale like Canada may do the trick, or you can pull it down manually via Oxygen Updater.