If you're looking at getting a home security system for the home you're trying to smarten up, you're spoiled for options. The Nest Secure alarm kit might be one you're considering, featuring a hub that doubles as a Google Assistant speaker, motion sensors, and tags along with an app that allows you to arm and disarm whenever and wherever you are. We've seen it come down in price with a few recent sales, but its once again down to its lowest price yet at almost half-off. You just have to make the purchase today.

If you haven't read our review, here's a crash course of what you'll get: the alarm kit comes with a Nest Guard, a hub that does the gatekeeping and interfaces with Nest Detect motion sensors around the house. The sensors also have nighttime pathlights and can except pets from triggering an armed system. Nest Tags allows anyone to disarm or arm the system with just a tap on the Nest Guard. For an additional cost, you can add on a Nest Cam and set up Brinks 24/7 monitoring for additional assurance.

Google and other retailers typically keep it to its $400 MSRP, spare the occasional $50 or $100 sale. But in the past day or so, we've been tracking a few retailers like Walmart and Newegg selling Nest Secure kits for under $230. However, A4C's Daily Deal tops the rest with a price of just $210 running until 10 p.m. PDT or while supplies last.

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