The previously teased and leaked Wyze smart plug is now a reality. Well, it will be soon. It's real in that you can spend money on it, but Wyze won't send the plugs for a few more weeks. The price is predictably low, just like other Wyze products. For $14.99, you get a pair of Wyze smart plugs that pair with your favorite assistant and other Wyze products.

The plugs themselves are compact enough that they shouldn't block a second outlet, but they're still beefy. Wyze points out they're rated at 15A, which is enough for TVs, heaters, and other high-power devices. Of course, most people will probably just use them for lights. You can control the plugs from the Wyze app with automation options for other Wyze products like the Sense package and cameras. There's also Google Assistant and Alexa support.

Wyze is calling this an "early access" period, and supplies are allegedly limited. You have to order the plugs now, and they ship in September. You don't need to buy any other Wyze products to use these plugs, though. They connect directly to your WiFi network—no hubs needed.