Samsung just posted a teaser video appearing to (barely) show off both the previously-leaked Tab S6 and Watch Active 2 — assuming those end up being the final names. If super-close panning shots of edges and extreme angles aren't quite your thing, there is one pertinent bit of actual information: A pair of dates stating when the devices will be "digitally unveiled."

The video does confirm a few details from previous leaks for both the Galaxy Watch Active 2 (more here) and Tab S6. In addition to agreeing with the overall design of the previous renders and leaks, the video also shows the stylus dropping into the depression on the back of the device, as expected. The touchpad on the keyboard accessory is also just barely confirmed by a single contrasted edge in the video.

The Watch Active 2 has fewer details to visibly show off, though we do spot the green flash of a heart monitor on the back near the end.

For more information, we won't have long to wait, Samsung's dates in the video (and accompanying announcement) indicate we'll see more about the two devices over the next week, with the tablet being unveiled tomorrow July 31st, and the wearable on August 5th.