Connected plugs are perhaps the lowest-stakes way to infuse your home with some smarts. They're not expensive, and they work with all your existing non-smart stuff. TP-Link's gadgets are already generally affordable, and with this deal, you can dive into home automation head-first: a bundle of three smart plugs is just $30 right now at B&H.

The plugs aren't the newest version TP-Link offers, but they work just as well as ever, with scheduled on/off times, remote control, and Google Assistant integration. Be advised, though, that they are a little chunky. You won't be able to fit two into one outlet.

A set of three of these plugs is usually $51, so this is quite a bargain if you've got several things you'd like to automate. B&H says there's a "Limited supply at this price," so if you're into it, don't dally. Hit the link below to grab a set.