Late last year, it was estimated that around a quarter of all US households had at least one smart speaker. Android Police readers were a bit ahead of the curve back in 2017, when almost half of you claimed to have one or more Google Home, and the Assistant is by far the most popular voice assistant among our audience. But today in 2019, with Prime Day's recent sales potentially making a difference, just how many smart speakers do you have?

Presumably, you've already come to a decision when it comes to the privacy implications — potentially reassessing them based on the recent news that real people sometimes review Assistant recordings to enhance future performance. Tinfoil hats or not, an always-on, always-listening speaker brings both benefits to convenience and objective compromises to privacy.

These days, companies like Amazon and Google toss in their smallest, cheapest speakers as bonuses on plenty of sales and promotions, and standalone prices frequently fall under $30. At that price, your whole house can be equipped on the (relative) cheap, brining every room the convenience of voice-activated music, weather, or smart home device controls. And that's not to mention all the bigger speakers like the Home Max, third-party offerings, or the screen-equipped smart displays.

For the purposes of this poll, let's count any smart displays together with this single number since they provide most of the same functionality plus the benefits of a screen. Third-party hardware like Harmony Express, Harmon Kardon Allure or Sonos One which pack voice assistant functionality also count.

How many smart speakers (or displays) do you have in your home?

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