Squarespace is a one-stop-shop allowing you to build your own website with practically no prior experience: Changes in the editor show you an exact representation of the final product. While the desktop back end has worked great for many users for a long time, the rise of smartphones and the shift to our always-online culture might require you to edit your website on the move. This is where Squarespace's completely reworked Android app comes into play, allowing you to edit posts, manage blogs and galleries, and access basic analytics.

Think of the app as an extension of the tools available on the web, not a complete replacement – to sign up for the service, you still need to head to the company's online portal. While you could previously use the now discontinued Squarespace app Blog to add and edit posts, more advanced options can be found in this new release. You can see basic visitor stats, change your logo and title, customize your share buttons, work on SEO optimization, and much more.

Squarespace is streamlining its Android offerings by getting rid of the Note app that wasn't related to managing websites in the first place. Alongside a dedicated Analytics app, the company's only other Play Store listing now is a commerce tool for people running online stores.

The new app came out for iOS back in May, but it's now available to download from the Play Store or over at APK Mirror. It will almost certainly be a more polished experience than the rudimentary and janky WordPress mobile experience.