Gmail's Smart Reply feature can be pretty handy for short responses, saving you a little bit of time and effort. The web version of Outlook has had a similar feature since last summer, called Suggested Replies, but it hasn't officially been available in the Android app — until now.

With the latest update to hit the Play Store, the changelog points to the new feature, although we suspect Microsoft may have been trialing it with a limited number of users for a little while longer. Regardless, it's now rolling out more widely, so we can all benefit from it. See the full changelog below:

Give those tired thumbs a rest! You can tap a suggestion to jump-start your reply for some emails. Don't worry, you'll have the chance to edit your response before it's sent. All of our weekly updates also include performance improvements and bug fixes to make Outlook better for you.

If you head to the Account Info screen in the app (Settings > tap on your email address) you'll see the "Suggested replies" toggle, but it was turned on by default for me. Below is what the AI responses look like in the app, appearing just below the content an email you've received. It will only show up for certain emails, though, presumably those that Outlook deems to be conversational rather automated.

Even though Microsoft has only just officially introduced it, the change appears to be handled server-side as I've found it in older versions of the app. Nevertheless, it can't hurt to be on the latest version, so check that you're up-to-date on the Play Store or download version 3.0.107 from APK Mirror.

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  • Samarth Verma