Samsung released the Galaxy Tab S5e earlier this year, as a slightly-cheaper alternative to the flagship Tab S lineup. It still has a 2560x1600 AMOLED screen and a thin lightweight design, but with a mid-range Snapdragon 670 processor instead of an 800-series chip. If you're interested in getting one, it's now available from one more place: Verizon.

The version being sold by Verizon has a model number of SMT727VZSA, and the only change from the existing versions is the addition of LTE. Sadly, the only capacity on offer is 64GB, and the only color is silver.

Verizon is selling it for $19.99/month for 24 months, $379.99 on a two-year contract, or $479.99 outright. If you're a Verizon customer, that might be the cheapest way to get a Tab S5e, though the 64GB model is currently just under $400 from Amazon.