Chinese manufacturer Vivo likes to put out a concept product every so often to push its vision of what a top-of-the-line smartphone should be. Of course, there are costly operational limitations in place as to why its APEX and NEX series aren't being mass-produced, but at least with these little boasts, we get a peek into what our mobile computing future might be. One such future has apparently been leaked out and it tells of a device with screen-to-body ratio of "over 100%" — but don't get too excited about that claim.

The leak comes from longtime Weibo tech writer Ice Universe who has shown off the screen glass component of what is expected to be the Vivo NEX 3. The glass surface extends to wrap around what would be the entire body of the smartphone, suggesting that a display would cover an area beyond its flat surface. However, the author seems to indicate that the display will only reach the point where the edges will be perpendicular to the rest of the surface, meaning that we'd be in Samsung Galaxy edge-like territory here, if not a bit better. Still, those factors blended together with minimal bezels and no notch or punch hole funny business would result in something the marketing department might loosely call a 100-plus-percent screen-to-body ratio.

With all that said, though, we don't have a timeline as to when this NEX 3 might be announced, but we'll keep an eye out on the calendar.