The USB Type-C marketplace is no longer the shitshow that it once was, though it still pays to be careful when buying a new charger or battery. Much of the time, this means having to pony up a bit extra for the properly rated offerings, but that's not always the case. Nekteck's 90W USB-C Power Delivery charger with built-in cable is certified by the USB-IF, and it's only $25.99 on Amazon.

90W is more power than the vast majority of people will ever need, but those of you with 2016+ MacBook Pro 15" laptops need all of that wattage. Other USB-C laptops also require a lot of punch — the 2016+ MacBook Pro 13" laptops require 61W, for instance. But even though most of you can't utilize the full 90W, this Nekteck PD charger is still a fantastic buy, as it's somehow still cheaper than practically every 60W USB-C charger on Amazon. Plus, the USB-IF certification means that the folks behind the entire USB standard have given it a thumbs-up, so rest assured that your phones and laptops alike will be safe with this charger.

This charger is regularly priced at $35.99, but it's now available at an all-time low of $25.99. The search result says that it's a "Limited time deal," though no timeline is given regarding when the deal will expire. If you have a USB-C laptop, especially a 15" MacBook Pro with Touch Bar, it would be wise to jump on this deal.

If you missed the sale price last time, now's your chance: Nekteck's 90W USB-C charger is back down to $26 on Amazon.