JBL and Google announced the Link Bar more than a year ago, but the first sound bar with Android TV built in didn't launch on time. In fact, it has been pushed back repeatedly from late 2018, to spring 2019, and finally to summer. And here we are—the Link Bar appears to finally be live on JBL's site for $399.95.

Since it's been a while, here's a quick refresher. The Link Bar is a 100W sound bar with multiple HDMI inputs. When the TV is on, it functions as a full-fledged Android TV box. When it's off, the Link Bar still has a far-field microphone with Google Assistant ready and willing to accept voice commands.

Now, you can order the device from JBL directly, where the Link Bar is "in stock and ready to ship." We can confirm it's available in the US and Germany, but it's probably live in more places, too.

The JBL Link Bar just showed up at B&H's digital storefront, so if you have B&H gift cards hanging around from previous promotions or should you like to save a bit in tax (depending on your state), it's an option.

Google has also published a few tips and tricks for how to use Android TV from a soundbar for new owners, or those unconvinced of the benefits.

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