One of the great and newer accessibility features on Android is Sound Amplifier, which basically turns your phone into a hearing aid with the help of a pair of headphones and a couple of frequency cut-off faders to isolate the sounds you want to hear. Now, in its first major update, the applet is becoming available to people who aren't just using Android 9 Pie devices and is also getting a visual refresh in the process.

Google has announced that Sound Amplifier will now be available to use on all devices with Android 6.0 Marshmallow or later. It was able to improve the efficiency of the noise reduction process by machine-training its algorithms on thousands of audio samples used in hearing studies and published sources, making the feature accessible to people on older OS versions.

The company has also taken in feedback from users who wanted more concrete indications of how they were boosting or reducing what they were hearing and has brought real-time audio visualization right in the center of the app. Also new in this update is the ability to adjust frequencies for each individual ear — because hearing impairments don't affect people in the same way.

You can grab Sound Amplifier version 2.0 from the Play Store or APK Mirror. If you have a Pixel 3 or 3a series device, make sure to get this update and turn on the feature in the Accessibility settings of your device.

Sound Amplifier
Sound Amplifier
Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free