Visiontrick Media's atmospheric puzzler Pavilion already exists on Android as an Nvidia Shield release, but it would appear the game is finally coming to the rest of the Android player base as a separate listing that explicitly supports touchscreen devices. This upcoming release is called Pavilion: Touch Edition, and it will land on the Play Store on July 23rd.

If you check out the trailer above, you'll quickly notice that Pavilion: Touch Edition offers gorgeous atmospheric graphics. It's quite clear that game's beautiful environments take center stage, but you can also expect a linear story that explores the mystery of the game's protagonist, as well as a bunch of puzzles that will need to be solved. Just keep in mind that this is an episodic game, so you'll only be able to play through the first chapter whenever it lands, with the second chapter slated for a release sometime in the future. Ideally, this first chapter should take most players a little over two hours to beat.

So far there's no word on pricing for Android's version of Pavilion: Touch Edition, but if you venture on over to the Apple App Store, you'll notice that a touch-based version of Pavilion has existed on iOS since 2017 for the price of $3.99. My hope is that the Android release slated for next week will see similar pricing.

The late launch of Pavilion: Touch Edition on Android may not come as much of a surprise, but it's still a turn-off, especially when we've had a non-touchscreen version of the game available on the Play Store since 2016. To add insult to injury, iOS has had a working touchscreen version of Pavilion since 2017. While I understand most devs are chasing a more lucrative audience by launching their games on iOS first, the year-long waits for these titles to arrive on Android are getting to be more and more draining. I would hope this late arrival doesn't result in a loss of hype, so if you're a big fan of atmospheric puzzlers, make sure to pre-register for the Android release of Pavilion: Touch Edition through the Play Store widget below.

Pavilion is officially available on the Play Store

Last week we learned that Visiontrick Media's atmospheric puzzler Pavilion would be arriving on Android on July 23rd, and it would appear the dev has stayed true to its word. Last night Pavilion was officially released for the Android masses, which means you can pick the title up today for $3.99 off the Play Store. There are no advertisements or in-app purchases included, which makes this a premium release. Just keep in mind that Pavilion is an episodic puzzler and that you'll only receive the first chapter for the initial asking price. Luckily, for now, you aren't missing out on anything since the second chapter is planned for a later date.