Adding to its lineup of lighter apps for low-cost phones, Google has introduced Gallery Go — a photo organization app intended for offline use while taking up as little space as possible. Even so, it features some of the same machine learning capabilities and editing tools as its more advanced sibling, Google Photos.

Although it's available worldwide, Gallery Go has been launched by Google for Nigeria and is aimed at users in developing countries where access to the internet is limited. The app also weighs in at only 10MB to make it easy to download and so it won't take up unnecessary storage space on phones with very little to begin with. It also supports the use of SD cards so you can store images wherever you choose.

Like Google Photos, Gallery Go uses AI to organize your photo collection and make it easy to search for what you need. Other borrowed features include auto-enhance to spruce up your pics, as well as simpler tools like crop, rotate, and filters.

Gallery Go is available now from the Play Store and will work on any device running Android 8.1 Oreo or above. Not all features will be available in all countries, just as with Google Photos not getting face grouping everywhere.

APK Download now available

We now have the Gallery Go APK available for download over at APK Mirror if you need it. As promised, it's just a smidgen over 10MB in size.

Gallery Go
Gallery Go
Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free