Many smartphone manufacturers, including OnePlus, have been integrating their own game mode tweaks that allow you to enjoy a title with enhanced performance or diminished interruptions. A new app by OnePlus called "Game Space" builds upon the company's existing Gaming and "Fnatic" modes, giving you a gallery-style launcher for of all your installed games, plus quick access to game mode's configuration options outside the Settings app.

Initially, we hoped this new app might provide per-app tweaks when it came to game mode, but that isn't the case. While you can change settings, they're the same system-wide defaults previously present. The Game Space app doesn't have any social features either, it's just a sort of launcher for the games that you have installed.

The app also doesn't do the best job of detecting games — while it spotted Roller Coaster Tycoon and Seedship on my OnePlus 7 Pro, other titles like Among Us, Bethesda's Blades, Dr. Mario World, Fortnite, Minit, Pokemon Go, and Stardew Valley were not detected. (Technically more misses than hits, there.) You can manually add titles as games to the launcher, though, and they will also then appear in the list of Gaming mode optimized titles in Settings.

The new Game Space app originated in the recent Android Q betas, but we've tested it as working on older OnePlus phones as well. If you'd like a snazzy new game launcher with shortcuts to OnePlus' Gaming and Fnatic mode settings, you can download it now at APK Mirror.