If you love to collect vinyl Bugdroid figurines — just because they're so damn cute — you'll want to make some time tomorrow morning to reserve a limited edition design from Dead Zebra. From 8 a.m. Pacific tomorrow, you can grab a special Android Mini figure to celebrate the dog days of summer.

Artist Andrew Bell's latest take on the 3" doll centers around, of all things, a fad you might see on Pinterest or Instagram: succulents. The base is painted to look like a clay pot while the top features a face with pupils in the eyes, a smiling mouth and a flower on top — right to the tips of the antennae. The body, which is interchangeable with any Robot Revolution module, features a cactus-like wrap.

While pricing is not currently listed, these special edition figurines usually cost $12 and sell out quickly. You can get a display case for an additional $3. The first shipment should go out on July 29. Delivery is not free and will be through USPS, so rates may vary. Again, it all begins at 8 a.m. PDT. Good luck.