Wireless charging isn't the most efficient way to top up your device, but it sure is handy. Just set your phone down and you're off to the races. With this deal from Anker, you can add Qi charging to two of your surfaces for just $26, a savings of $9 off the bundle's normal price.

Both pads output up to 10 watts to compatible devices like those from Samsung and LG (but notably, not Pixel 3, which will only pull five watts). The two form factors are great for different use cases: you can have the flat one on your beside table so nocturnal notifications won't disturb you, and the stand on your desk so you can see it easily.

The chargers both come with three-foot USB cables, but you'll need to supply your own power adapters. Still, this is a really good price for two Qi pads. Jump on Amazon to get them at this price while you can.