With its Smart Clock, Lenovo introduced a new type of Asssitant-enabled smart display. Unfortunately, it could only speak English when it came out, as it runs off a custom Android Things platform, which is different from the one used by Lenovo Smart Displays and Nest Hubs. However, Google just updated its official Assistant support pages to indicate the device now supports French and German.

Current owners can already change their Smart Clock's language to French and German, in addition to English. As the interface elements are different from other smart displays, the whole UI had to be adapted to these languages. This is also why Smart Clocks only speak English, French, and German, in comparison to the seven tongues Smart Displays support.

Most importantly, Lenovo's device is available for pre-order for EUR 99 in both France and Germany, with shipments starting in two to three weeks. This is very similar to the way Google officially added support for both languages as Lenovo introduced its Smart Displays in France and Germany back in April.

Google just updated its official support pages, adding Japanese to the list of supported languages on Smart Clocks. Although this could mean Lenovo is about to release its device in Japan, we haven't seen any official statement confirming this yet. There's also a possibility another brand could be working on bringing a new device to this market. In any case, we'll keep you posted as we learn more about the Smart Clock's international availability.