OnePlus has made great strides in camera quality over the last few years. Whereas past OP cameras have been "good for the price," the OnePlus 7 Pro is just plain "good." It's going to get a little better soon, though. OnePlus product manager Zake Zhang says the night camera mode will come to all the device's cameras soon.

Currently, you can access Nightscape photo mode with the main 48MP camera sensor. It captures multiple images and combines them to produce better low light photos. This mode is vaguely similar to Google's Night Sight, but you know... not as good. It's still worth using, though. Zhang says the company's 80-strong camera group is working to make Nightscape available on the OnePlus 7 Pro's telephoto and ultra-wide cameras, too.

We don't know when OnePlus will roll out this feature, but it's all software. A quick OTA update, and you'll have Nightscape on the phone's other rear cameras. Zhang didn't say whether or not Nightscape would work on the front-facing camera, but even if not, three out of four isn't bad.