Earlier this year, Google confirmed that it would merge Shopping (a way to search for products from many stores in one place) and Express (a combined storefront for multiple retailers) to make the new Google Shopping. While the mobile app still bears the Express name, the updated Google Shopping site has finally appeared.

The new Shopping site is almost identical to the old Google Express site, which is actually still live at express.google.com. Instead of a simple search bar, the home page now has links to product categories and recommended products. Items with the blue tag support 'Buy with Google,' which is essentially what Express used to be ⁠— the checkout process, returns, and customer support are handled by Google, instead of simply linking to an external site like Amazon.

Left: Google Express; Right: Google Shopping

The new design uses Google's Material Theme, and both the search results and product pages are much improved over the old Shopping. Each listing still has a list of all available retailers, but if you prefer to only see items sold through Google, all you have to do is check the 'Buy with Google' checkbox. Pretty simple.

Perhaps Google's renewed attention towards Shopping will encourage more retailers to support the Buy with Google feature. Walmart left the service earlier this year, leaving Target and Costco as the only major retailers. Several large specialty stores are still hanging on, like Best Buy and Adorama Camera, but the vast majority are the same sellers you'd find on eBay or Rakuten.