1Password is one of the better cloud-based password managers out there, pairing a beautiful design and good UX with tons of security features — leaving aside the controversy surrounding its move to a subscription-based revenue model back in 2017. The developer is quick to support new Android features, though, so the cost might seem worth it for many users. The latest update to the app gives it the long-requested option to create new passwords through Android's Autofill API and a dark mode that respects Android Q's system-wide theme.


The most eye-catching change is obviously the addition of a dark theme. If you’re on Android Q, you should see the new interface automatically when the system-wide dark theme is switched on, but you can also manually enable it in the app via Settings > Display > Theme. Unlike many Google products, 1Password's dark mode uses truly black backgrounds in most parts of the interface, and only the bottom and top bars are dipped in a dark gray. See for yourself in the screenshots above.

The ability to create new logins on the fly through Autofill brings 1Password on par with Bitwarden. To take advantage of the feature, wait until the autofill mask shows up on a password field, authenticate yourself, and you'll see an option to "create a new login" among the accounts you might have created for that service earlier — easy-peasy.

The update is rolling out on the Play Store starting today, so check the widget below to see if it's available to you already. If not, you can also join the beta program, which has had these changes for quite a while.