In April, Samsung announced its largest smartphone camera sensor, one that could take in up to 64 megapixels of information. The rumor mill was quick to point to a new Galaxy phone that would be the first to feature said sensor. But it seems that Xiaomi has shown up the crowd with a couple of samples from what is supposedly its first phone with a 64MP camera. And there's reason to believe that it will be fairly affordable, too.

Xiaomi subsidiary Redmi posted a sample picture of a gray cat onto its Weibo account with an inset crop showing the finer hairs abutting the feline's right eye. Xiaomi president Lu Weibing also dropped a viewfinder screenshot on his account.

We have no clue if Xiaomi is using Samsung's 64MP sensor — competition, while quiet, is fierce in the mobile imaging industry — but whatever the component is, it will likely default to a 16MP shooting mode. As explained prior for that particular product, while the sensor may feature 64 million sites that take in light, there are only enough RGB subpixels to create a "natural" 16MP image. A remoasic algorithm would interpret the extra color information for a 64MP image.

As for the phone itself, it, too, remains a mystery for the time being. However, the Redmi brand tends to be very value-driven, so we might see this phone debut in China, India, and maybe a few other markets either at or below the $300-equivalent level.

Soon will come the day when we'll be able to take 100MP images with our pocket slabs.