As an Android blogger, one of the tools on OnePlus phones I am most thankful for is the Screen Recorder introduced with the OnePlus 7 Pro. Documenting details for our readers is a whole lot easier when the process of recording a demonstration is built right in. Other lovers of the app will be glad to hear that a brand new update for OnePlus Screen Recorder has been spotted today. Version 2.2 delivers a new frame rate setting, plus an option to hide the floating widget while recording.

Left: Settings in OnePlus Screen Recorder v2.2. Right: Individual frame rate options.

Those two new settings in the OnePlus Screen Recorder (Hide floating widget and framerate) are accessible in the app's settings, itself accessible via the cog icon when the recording overlay is on — the app doesn't appear in the app drawer. In settings, the framerate options are nestled under "Number of frames," with options of 15fps, 24fps, 30fps, and 60fps.

The new "Hide floating widget" option should be self-explanatory, but it hides the default control overlay (visible in the header image at the top of this post) while the app is recording, fading it out of view. To stop recording, you will instead have to use the ongoing recording notification.

The recording notification is still there, even if you hide the overlay.

It's more minor, but to my eye, the new overlay also appears slightly less wide in v2.2. Since it can't appear in screenshots, though, a direct comparison can't be easily presented here.

We've tested this new version to work on older OnePlus devices including the 6T and 5T, so you can likely sideload this onto most other OnePlus phones so long as they're running recent software. We aren't entirely sure where v2.2 originated (possibly the recent Android Q Beta 3 release), but you can download it for your own enjoyment thanks to APK Mirror, purveyors of fine apps.