Samsung is one of the only Android manufacturers left that make serious Android tablets with serious Android software — iPads basically own the higher-end market. While it's not certain if the latest iteration of the Galaxy Tab is going to make a dent in Apple's share, the upcoming Galaxy Tab S6 could at least shape up to be a great alternative for Android fans not willing to touch an iPad, according to a SamMobile leak.

Now, what happened to the Tab S5, you might ask. After all, Samsung's current tablet flagship is the S4. SamMobile reasons that the company wants to avoid confusion with the S5e it released earlier this year. The Tab S6 is supposedly coming with the latest Qualcomm flagship Snapdragon 855 driving a 10.5-inch display, while earlier benchmark results suggest the presence of 6GB RAM and Android 9 Pie. Storage should come in two options, 128GB and 256GB.

As we can see in the gallery above, the tablet has a little depression in its back, shaped like its meant to hold the S Pen stylus. Paired with a magnet, that makes for a convenient spot for the pencil. The camera module above is somewhat harder to see, but rumors point to a dual-lens setup, the specifics of which are left open for now — the second camera could be a time-of-flight lens or provide a wider angle, for what it's worth on a tablet (it would be a first for a Samsung tablet, to be sure).

Moving to the sides of the device, it's impossible to tell from the images whether the S6 sports a headphone jack or physical buttons — but as we know, Samsung considered moving away from these on the upcoming Note 10.

The Tab S6 is supposed to come in grey, blue, and brown and should also get a keyboard cover, which isn't surprising considering its predecessor had one, too. A release date isn't set yet, but SamMobile speculates we might see it alongside the Galaxy Note on August 7 or at IFA in Berlin.

Our friends at Android Headlines got their hands on official renders of the Galaxy Tab S6. They show the device in full grey, pink, and blue glory and confirm the existence of a keyboard accessory, which can apparently turn the tablet into a full laptop replacement with its touchpad. Other than that, the high-resolution images reveal striking similarities to the iPad's industrial design — the squared corners and the flat back could make us believe that Samsung took some inspiration.

Just like SamMobile, Android Headlines says the tablet is launching alongside the Note 10 on August 7, but also notes that this is still subject to change.