Snapchat's fortunes may be turning around. Okay, so the glasses idea was a bust, and the company's stock has spent the last year below even the IPO price, but we millenials are really into making ourselves look like terrifying dog-human chimeras, for some reason, and we've driven the app to over a billion installs on the Play Store. (Though the platform's ubiquitous use among adult models may also explain the rising popularity.)

Back in 2017, it seemed like Snapchat was on the road to doom after the company reported spending an astronomical $2.3 billion to rake in a mere $149 million. That isn't usually the sort of return a company (or its investors) likes to see. But it's 2019 and Snapchat is still going strong thanks to the success of premium content like its Shows and Snap Originals.

For quite a long time, the Android app's garbage performance, paired with the CEO's active indifference to the platform, meant you had a verifiably Bad Time using the app on even the fastest Pixel or Galaxy S phone. But, the app saw a successful (if years late) redesign that has fixed many of its issues on the platform, providing a decent enough experience that the app's rating now sits around 4.1 stars on the Play Store. With now 1,000,000,000+ installs, the app joins a very small club of wildly successful apps to break the 9-digit barrier. For a point of comparison, Google Calendar only just crossed that mark itself.

Developer: Snap Inc
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