Even though our phones are very capable, many of us spend the day staring at a computer screen. Whether you're working or in a meeting, it's usually more convenient to text from your desktop, rather than taking your phone out of your pocket. Skype made this quite convenient, as the app's SMS Connect feature allowed you to chat with other users, as well as send and sync your phone's SMS messages with your computer. Unfortunately, Microsoft has just announced the functionality is going away, prompting users to switch to another solution.

Skype has actually been undecided about syncing text messages with Android phones. Indeed, while the feature was available in the past, it was then removed, only to resurface back in September under the SMS Connect name for Insiders. However, as the functionality was not widely available, Microsoft preferred to avoid redundancy with Your Phone, and is inviting users to switch to its dedicated the app.

SMS Connect will continue to work until the end of August, but won't be available after that. However, you'll still be able to send and receive SMS messages using your Skype number, but that's only if you have one and prefer to use a separate subscription to communicate with your friends.

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