Last week we learned that Microsoft would be releasing an augmented reality game based on the Minecraft franchise, and today it has been revealed that Minecraft Earth is the name of that title, and that it will be coming to Android as a closed beta sometime this summer. Supposedly it will take everything you know and love from the Bedrock Edition to then repackage it as an AR game. What this means is that you'll be able to play what is essentially the full game in the real world through the lens of you phone's screen, which actually sounds pretty cool.

Above you can watch a teaser trailer that was released today on the official website for Minecraft Earth. This video alludes to the ability to create, explore, and survive within the real world, just as you would in the core title. Minecraft Earth will be free-to-play, and a closed beta is coming to Android and iOS this summer, with more devices to be announced at a later date. It has also been made clear that loot boxes will not be present in the game.

Much like Pokémon GO existing streets and landmarks will make up the map of the in-game world of Minecraft Earth. As you explore this map by traversing your actual surroundings, you'll happen across items called Tappables. When tapped on, they will reveal resources, such as treasure chests, mobs, and adventures, which actually sounds very similar to how Harry Potter: Wizards Unite will play.

If you'd like to participate in the upcoming closed beta, Microsoft has provided a sign-up form that will allow you to receive updates about the game as well as a chance to take part in its beta. You’ll need a mobile device that runs on at least Android Nougat, and you'll also have to supply your Microsoft or Xbox Live account to complete the registration. Those that choose to sign up will earn a free skin for Minecraft Earth.

Mojang released a new trailer that details the upcoming closed beta experience for Minecraft Earth

Back at the beginning of May Mojang started hinting at a new Minecraft augmented reality game for mobile called Minecraft Earth. We've known that a closed beta would open up access to the game sometime this summer, and it would appear we are inching closer to that date with the release of a new trailer that details the expected experience. As mentioned in the article above, you can sign-up on Mojang's website for a chance to participate in the upcoming beta, so if you're eager to get your hands on the game and would like to receive updates about its development while also earning a free skin for Minecraft Earth and Bedrock, now's your chance.

The closed beta for Minecraft Earth is starting to roll out

It would appear that closed beta access to Minecraft Earth is starting to roll out in a few select cities. At first London and Seattle were the first to gain access to the beta, but in the last few hours, Stockholm and Tokyo have joined the group. So if you happen to live in these areas and had previously signed up for closed beta access of Minecraft Earth in the last two months, there's a chance you've been selected to participate.

Mojang has also announced that more cities should join the closed beta in the coming days, so if you'd still like to sign-up for access to the beta, make sure to do so on the official Minecraft website. Of course, if you'd like to stay abreast of which cities make the cut, you can follow the official Minecraft Earth Twitter account for further news as it develops.