Arlo has come under fire for the botched launch of its Ultra 4K camera, but overall, it remains a solid service provider in the smart home security cam space — especially since its devices reliably run on batteries, making them more versatile than their wired counterparts. One long-requested feature has now found its way into Arlo's apps: You can finally temporarily mute notifications from your cameras.

You might be thinking: Why would I ever want to pause notifications from my security camera? Arlo (and our own Artem) can give you a couple of reasons. You could be having a party at your house, with guests frequently entering and leaving your backyard, subsequently triggering notification after notification. Or you might be gardening in your front yard, triggering the camera yourself over and over.

If you've frequently found yourself in these situations, you can sigh in relief with the latest Arlo Android app update adding this functionality. Keep in mind that your camera continues recording movements during the notification pause, so you still have an overview of what happened should you need to review.

The mute option shows up in the app's settings once you've updated. You can choose four pre-defined timeframes: 30 minutes, 1 hour, 3 hours, or 24 hours — sadly, you can't set custom durations.

As always, you can either download the app from the Play Store through the widget below or right from APK Mirror, where you can be certain you're getting the latest release.

Arlo Legacy
Arlo Legacy
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