Before Android Q Beta 5 launched, details from a leaked internal build were already doing the rounds on Reddit. This gave us a glance at some functionality that didn't make it into the publicly available beta build, like an option to change the back gesture's sensitivity. Another feature from the internal build has now surfaced that offers to translate the contents of an app preview in the Recents screen.

The option shows up as a toast inside the app's preview image whenever your phone recognizes text in a language other than one your phone is set to. When you tap it, a Google Translate card pops up with all the foreign words pasted into it — quite similar to the UI in Tap to Translate. As you can see in the right screenshot above, it can muddle the order of the text, putting the tab label "Tweets" right in the middle of the translation.

9to5Google, who first reported on this feature, speculate that it might be related to a Pixel Launcher update that Google first introduced with this leaked beta build. An APK teardown revealed strings referring to "proactive suggestions" that we can assume relate to this translate feature, but there might be more to come. If this feature does launch with Android Q, we can expect it to be a Pixel exclusive since it's tied to the Pixel Launcher.

The translate toast hasn't shown up in the public version of Android Q Beta 5 that we've been using, so it's unclear whether or not it will be included in the last beta. The leaked build comes with the August security patch level, so we might expect Beta 6 to drop next month ahead of the final release at some point in Q3.