There are plenty of portable batteries on sale right now for Prime Day, but very few of them have a full AC power socket. Jackery's lineup of Portable Power Stations give you enough juice for an entire camping trip, and now you can get them at a decent discount.

The Jackery Portable Power Station 240 is the biggest of the bunch. As the name implies, it has a battery capacity of 240Wh. It can top up a 50W laptop about four times, power a 40W mini fridge for about five hours, or power a 10W lantern light for 20+ hours. It has a full-size AC power plug, two USB Type-A ports, and a car charger plug. The battery is now $200 on Amazon, a $50 reduction from the usual price, when you enter code JACKERY240 at checkout.

If you don't need quite that much juice, the Portable Power Station 160 has a smaller 160Wh capacity. It also adds a USB Type-C port, which is certainly a nice touch. That model is now $118, a savings of around $22-32, as the battery is usually priced at $140-150. No coupon code is required.

The Jackery Supercharge 26800 PD

Finally, if you just need something a little bigger than your typical portable battery, Jackery's Supercharge 26800 PD battery is just $89 right now a savings of around $32 from the typical price. It has a capacity of 26,800mAh, and supports USB Power Delivery up to 45W. That means it can fast-charge the Google Pixel, Galaxy S8/S9/S10, iPhone X, Nintendo Switch, and even some Type-C laptops.

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