Summer is here, so you might want to enjoy the sunny outdoors by walking, running, or swimming. If you're looking for a companion to track your workouts, you're in luck, as various Fitbit trackers are currently on sale on Amazon, with discounts reaching up to $80 off.

The most interesting deal is on the Inspire, which is currently $20 off, as the product is amongst the newest in Fitbit's range. The tracker is waterproof and offers a battery life that extends over several days. Plus, it's quite versatile as it can be clipped on your clothes (including your bra) or worn on your wrist. Even though it lacks heart-rate monitoring, it still has sleep and swimming tracking features.

If you'd rather wear a device that looks more like a watch, the Versa Lite was also announced a few months ago and is on sale as well. It features 4+ day battery life, activity, sleep, and heart rate tracking, support for apps, and customizable watch faces. Unlike the regular Versa, though, it doesn't have an altimeter, can't track your swims, and doesn't have onboard music storage. At $30 off, it's still a relevant deal. If you'd rather use all the features from the traditional Versa, that watch is also marked down at $169 instead of $200.

Depending on your needs, older trackers are also on sale, including the Alta HR and Charge 3 wristbands, together with the Ionic GPS smartwatch. Check out the list below to find the right one for you: