Prime "Day" and its 48 hours of sales are now upon us. Deals are coming and going almost faster than they can be mentioned, but we'll do our best to keep this list up to date over the next two days. We're still in the process of adding items to this list — we have a lot to go through and piles of coupons to test — but in the meantime here are many of the current Prime Day promotions.

As always, our price comparisons are free of MSRP bloat whenever possible. With prices always changing, that sometimes means we'll have to express our discounts as a range (i.e.,"$30-50 off" or "up to $40 off"), which might be a bit more work for us, but it works out to a better understanding of the real discount for you. Just because Amazon says "you save: $300" doesn't make it true.

Many Prime Day deals will require that you be a Prime Member to snag them, so consider picking up a free 30-day trial if you aren't. Other deals may have to be triggered via Alexa commands (sometimes Amazon does that) so consider installing the Alexa app. You can also get an extra discount by playing with the camera features on the Amazon app and set alerts for upcoming deals within a certain window. Some in-page coupons may also not appear for everyone, which changes how good a few of the deals below are.

Lastly, although Prime Day is an Amazon event, several other retailers are taking advantage of the opportunity to discount their own products, too. When spotted, we have included them in this list as well, so you don't have to buy stuff from Amazon in some cases if you don't want to.

Now that you're a Prime Day expert, put on some holiday-appropriate music, and let's dive in.

The final hours

There's just six hours and change left in Prime Day 2019, but there are still tons of deals to be had. We've shoved as many as we could into this list — jump on them before it's too late.

(Bear in mind that prices and availability are subject to change, and from here on out those changes might not be reflected here.)

Featured deal

AUKEY is offering the its lowest prices of the year on tons of its electronics and accessories, and not just things for your phone. From RGB desk lamps to webcams and even dual dashcams, a wide variety of the company's products available at its Amazon storefront are on sale. Among the best Android phone-owning deals are just below:


Tablets, Laptops, & Chromebooks

Home Automation/Security

TVs and other living room devices

Smart Speakers and Audio



Storage/microSD cards

  • Sandisk SD cards
  • Sandisk microSD cards
    • Ultra/A1-rating
      • 256GB - $30, usually $40 ($10 off)
      • 400GB - $45, usually ~56 (~$11 off)
      • 512GB - $100, usually $150 ($50 off)
    • Extreme/A2-rating
      • 128GB - $20, usually $25 ($5 off)
      • 256GB - $43, usually $55 ($12 off)
      • 512GB - $135, usually $170-200 ($35-65)
      • 1TB - $341, usually $425 ($84 off)
  • Sandisk USB-C storage
    • Ultra Dual Drive
      • 128GB - $19, usually $23 ($4 off)
      • 256GB - $33, usually $41 ($8 off)
    • Extreme Portable External SSD
  • Samsung microSD cards
    • Evo Select
      • 32GB - $5.50, usually $8 ($2.50 off)
  • Lexar microSD cards
    • 1000x series
      • 128GB - $41, usually $55-60 ($14-19 off)



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